Trading Networks order of task execution

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For a TN processing rule we have set two actions:

  • Execute a service: execution mode- Service execution task
  • Deliver document by - Delivery Type: Immediate delivery

The service is used for mapping.

The problem is that when the transaction is started, both the service execution task and the delivery task are started in the same time. Is there a way to set it that the delivery task gets executed just after the service execution task is completed?

We chose the Service execution task because we would like to see the pipeline in MWS (which is passed to the serviceOutput document).

Thank you in advance!
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Do you have service execution mode set to Synchronous?

According to TN admin guide, if you do this:
Invokes the service once, waits for the service
to complete, and places the results in the pipeline. You
can use the service results in output templates or other
processing actions.

I believe this is what you are trying to do?

Further reading shows that “service execution task” processing and information returned to the caller are the same as for Asynchronous.
I believe this is your problem.


As far as I know there only 3 options: service execution task, synchronous and asynchronous. If I choose synchronous, it won’t be treated as a task and therefore it won’t have the serviceOutput document as output. Do you know if there is a way to set it as a synchronous service execution task?