Trading Networks Flat File Submission Problem.

I am submitting a flat file to Trading Networks using a gateway service to populate the TN_Parms values and then use the service to submit the file to Trading Networks. If I then look in the ‘Transactions’ screen on the TN MWS console I can see the document has been recognised and the receiver id has been successfully passed in but the sender id is not being recognised.

The Sender Id value is set up in the correct Partner Profile (and is the enterprise value - used elsewhere successfully) and the sender ID is set up as an extracted attribute on the document type. If I debug my gateway service I can see that the correct value is passed into the service. Does anyone have any ideas as to why the sender ID is not being recognised in TN? I can’t see anything obviously wrong anywhere - all suggestions appreciated!

Try to define the Sender ID you passed in as the DUNS number for the TN profile that it should be associated with.

Thanks for the reply - I changed the Sender ID to use the built in DUNS transformation and set up the DUNS as an ID against the partner profile (using the same static text value as used in the company name ID). When I submit the document it is now recognising the sender correctly. Thanks for your help.

I’m not sure why it didn’t correctly identify it using the company name transformation and attribute though? Surely that should have been fine?

What was the SenderID error you got?