Trading Networks - Crash course

Hello all,

I have been assigned to work on a project with Trading Networks and I have no previous knowledge of TN.

Based on your experience which will be the study materials and their order in order to quickly learn Trading Networks and start working on the project.

Thank you for your responses,
Vlad Turian

Hi Vlad,

I’m not very experienced on TN but I recently had a training on this product and the order in the training helped me learn it very well but unfortunately I cannot share the training material with you. However I list down the order in which my training was conducted:

1. TN Concept
2. Trading Partners
3. Partner On-boarding
4. Document Types
5. Processing Rules
6. Monitoring TNs
7. TNs and Business Processes
8. Gateway Services
9. Delivery and Queues
10. Custom Options
11. TNs Security
12. TNs Performance
13. wM Deployment
14. TNs Properties and Services

However it’s subjective based on the person who wants to learn TN but this order has been structured by Software AG trainers which I personally found very inclusive. You can always refer to wM documentation as well which I leave the links below: (Keep in mind these links are for wM v9.8)

Trading Networks Administrators Guide:
Trading Networks Built-In Services Reference:
Trading Networks Users Guide:

Hope it helps.

Roham Zaferanlo

What is your webMethods version?

You have to first start with this “Trading Networks Concepts Guide” and then the guides shows above.


@Roham: Thank you for your input. Will use the resources you pointed out.
@M@he$h: I am using webMethods 8.2 at this moment (next year we will switch to 9.8 )

Will start then with the concept guide.

Vlad Turian