Trading Networks archive viewer

We currently running our system on wm 7.1.2 and we have frequent (daily) archive routine to move data from the TN runtime table (e.g. BIZDOC, ACTIVITYLOG, etc) to the archive tables (e.g. ARCHIVE_BIZDOC, ARCHIVE_ACTIVITYLOG, etc), and this is working fine as per webMethods recommendation. The question is, how can we allow the user to query and browse the data after it is moved to the archive tables?
We can query and browse the live data using TN Console and/or MWS without any issues, but after the data is archived and moved to the archive tables the data is no longer visible anymore to the users, neither via TN Console or MWS.
This seems to be a huge gap in the webMethods product, and it has been addressed somewhat in version 8.x recently, but for customers using the 7.x platform, this is still not possible, or at least not obvious.
Please, let me know if anyone had a different experience and can share with us some alternatives to explore.
Thanks in advance!

After going thru a few possible options, we found the best alternative: migration to webMethods 8.2 which has the viewing capabilities to the TN archive tables built-in into the new version of webMethods. Our production environment is still webMethods IS & TN 7.1.2, but we were able to script the task and migrate archive and master data from TN 7.1.2 to webMethods 8.2. and have it running in a separated server. Most of the work was assigned to an experienced DBA and we currently have a working prototype instance that will be converted to a production instance very soon. I hope this helps anyone else out there with similar needs. I am closing this topic with this answer. If you have any other questions, please post them here and I will try to respond from the best of my knowledge and I will be happy to share our experiences with this topic. Thanks.

Hi Waldes,

I was wondering how you went with this? Could you please share what you did to achieve this? Am I understanding correctly that you created a 8.2 IS install with MWS. Created the 8.2 TNarchive schema. And have a regular / scheduled job migrating / merging data from the production 7.1 schema to the 8.2 schema?