Customizing the archiving functionality of TN archiving by document type

We are moving ahead with our production events. Up to now, having global archiving/deleting intervals was good enough to our needs.

The next phases of production events will require the capability of archiving/deleting our documents with different intervals for each document type. Some transactions have to be archived every day, others have to be archived only after 12 months. Therefore, we have to customize the archiving functionality of TN.

Moving the bizdoc documents from their tables to the ARCHIVE tables can be easily done through database scripts, but to query these tables we have to build few services.

We have a custom TNWeb that is used by our users. Our goal is to give them access to the ARCHIVE tables using the same GUI using the equivalent of the services wm.tnweb.querySvc:*.

Is there anyone that has already coded something equivalent and would be open to share his experience and possibly some code? This code would save us some very precious time, and we would be more than glad to share the improvements that we could eventually add to it.

Thanks a lot!