Adabas archiving tool - customer need and requirements

Software AG would like to know if there is a need for an Adabas archiving tool, to archive mainframe Adabas data to another platform to be kept for audit purposes and to increase performance on the production DB”.

Generally, such a tool would be interesting for Open Systems, too. Because in every company I’ve worked, they got an archive-Database to keep old data.

The archiving itself is very time consuming because of the business-logic included. I think that business-logic cannot be simplified by a tool in most cases.

So my question is: What would that “archiving tool” do from SAG’s point of view?

My “wishes”:

  • Proper and simple to use transaction logic with two ADABAS Databases (one record is stored on the archive side and deleted on the production side within one transaction)
  • Export (=archiving) and reimport function
  • For simpler archiving: A dialog to browse through the data and to mark files and records for archiving.

This almost sounds like it would be a cross between Adabas Vista and replicator, which (I think) would be very useful.

One feature that would be useful is ability to resolve data relationships that were broken due to archiving.

e.g. Batch of 30 transactions containing records of differing ages. After archiving off 5 records in batch due to the select criteria, the batch is now “broken” because the detail records are somewhere else.

I’d be very interested in a reliable archiving tool - our current archive plan is “we don’t delete anything!” :shock:

In the late 90’s we had performance issues and Users refused to archive the data onto Micro-Fische.

An Information warehouse was created with just 1 ADABAS file creating a concept of folders to store reports assigning keywords, with search facility etc … almost similar to the MS OUTLOOK of today only it was character based. Finally the users accepted and we got our performance with taking just 3 years worth of data.

This was later used to route all reports with user notification etc. Dowload features mailing partial or full reports to others etc.

JTF Systems is earmarked re creation of such a tool in the PC version.

A solid utility for SAG to have and be simple to maintain.

I would be very interested in such functionality. If we had a way to manage time-based transactional data using tablespaces and Vista-like rules for determining which tablespace a record belongs to. Archival could include options to add or drop tablespaces without taking the file offline.

Currently developing the tool (80% done) and will have a demonstratable version in Sep 06. If interested contact me