can you suggest me a way to trim down the size of my webMethods DB?

Hi Everybody
Can you suggest me a way to trim down the size of my webMethods DB?(WM Component: IS TN )
My IS&TN version is 8.2.
I know the following table data can be deleted.What other tables in the data can be deleted?


Please check page 116 in

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Hi Liu,

please check for the archiving functionality (see Build-In Services for Monitoring and TN).

Just directly deleting data from the mentioned tables can to lead to database corruption as these have dependencies on each other (i.e. contextid).


Just to add, you can schedule the archiving service in IS,

Or schedule a SQL job using the stored procedure.

Both service and stored proceduer details are detailed in Monitor user guide

Hi All
Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

If you have to Archive the TN data per your original question, yes make sure you have ran the Archive scrips via DB configurator and then start scheduling the job for TN archive (giving certain interval) or take a help with DBA to run it from the back end giving them the Archive script specific to your TN DB/Schema’s.



to precise RMGs answer:

The Component “Archive” in Database Configurator only applies to Monitor Archiving for IS Core Audit and Process Audit.
Trading Networks has its own archiving component “Trading Networks Archive”.

When using the Product “Trading Networks” Database Configurator, both parts of Trading Networks Database will be created:

  • Trading Networks
  • Trading Networks Archive

You will find the services for Trading Networks Archive in the WmTN-Package and the services for the Monitor Archiving in the package WmMonitor.

Please make sure that you have applied the latest Database Scripts from DC_8.2_SP2_DBS_Fix15 and migrate the affected DB schema.

When using Monitor Archiving please make sure you have configured it properly:

  1. Live Data and Archived Data require 2 different DB schema/user
  2. Grant the Archive schema the rights to select and delete in live schema (grant SELECT, DELETE on to )
  3. Configure the name of the live schema in the table OPERATION_PARAMETER for the key ISCORE_SCHEMA and PROCESS_SCHEMA
  4. We had to add some indices on some of the tables otherwise archiving would fail with joins being to slow/taking to long.

    For TN Archiving you should take a look at the Trading_Networks_Administrators_Guide.pdf.


Thanks Holger for adding more info to this thread! :smiley: