Trading Network Posting with Default User

The Problem is when the partner submit using

When they submit the document, the document is recognizing and posting in the trading network successfully. But the processing status is changing to “ABORTED” and the error is : The user that posted this document (Default) could not be associated with a partner to check their identity.

In the activity log, the user is “default”

The certificate is Properly mapped to the Partners Dun’s number (which is the user id).

In the users forum, I saw some posting similar to this, but all of them for EDI.

We are posting the xml document.

we are on IS 6.0.1


Please make sure that Sender/ReceiverExternalID’s (DUNS)that are sending in the incoming XML are matching according to your TN partnerprofile setup which is being extracted by that specific documentType.Also do make sure the current processing rule is above the default rule.

You can try a testing by from ISConsole/TN/xmlsubmission page and try various combinations.


It is finding the proper sender id, receiver id and document type.

I created a another flow very similar to tn:receive (I took out the checkuser service). When my parter post the document, it is processing fine. No ABORT processing status, Proper processing rule is picking except in the activity log the user is “Default”.

The issue is something with the “CheckUser”. The partners certificate is matching. They are not giving userid, pwd (The port is set as Request certificates).


If TN is not showing any ABORT status in TAnalysis and IS is accepting the certs then what is the issue?Then in the TN Activity log the user should be shown as Administrator or username if that user defined in the UsersGroup/ACL

Sorry if it is not clear.


If I use tn:receive I will still get the “ABORT” status and the user is “Default”. (the document type,sender receiver is finding ok and posting in TN ok) The processing rule willnot activate.

I was saying if I use the custom flow (a copy of the tn:receive without checkuser) the document is accepting and processing whatever is in the processing rule. (still the user is Default)

I want to process this with tn:receive. Also I want to see the actual userid (Duns number of the sender which is mapped to the client certificate) in the activity log instead of “Default”. (that is the way it suppose to work)
I hope the issue is clear now.


Iam sending xml file from one trading network to another trading network. The file is sent successfully but in the sender id and receiver id fields it is displayed as unknown. can anyone suggesst me why it is displayed as unknown though i created the profiles in both the trading networks.

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Various reasons TN is not recognizing the sender/receiver and it will show as unknown,

1)make sure the extraction data from the xml for sender/receiver are correct.
2)make sure the documentType Extract section Sender/Receiver has the Xpath set correctly in the Query tab for the selected ExternalID according to your partner profile.
3)make sure the right processing rule is triggering depends on the sender(profile)/receiver(profile)/posting documenttype(may be default rule is triggering and sender/receiver will be shown as unknown.
4)your processing rule should be one level above the Default rule(i think you know this)

Please cross check the above,you will resolve the issue.


I had done all above things but still iam facing same problems.Send one example xml document.I thing iam giving wrong information about sender/receiver details in my xml document.

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“Send one example xml document”
If i send also what it will help to you.I am not sure why you are asking.

Try to load your xml and tell us about what your setup there,so that we can suggest accordingly.



 i got an issue can anybody tell me how re resubmint the PO in TN, 

my issue is .
Would you please help me to reload this po. It has been rejected due to the ship site not existing in Oasis. The ship site has now been created. However, I have tried to reload this PO a few times but it’s giving me an error.

Please let me know if you can reload this PO.

and please tell me the resone for this

thansk in advance.


In the TNConsole/TransactionAnalysis click on that errored document and select reprocess instead of resubmit,it should work.

If not select edit on the document and copy the content,use the xml submitter from WmTNWeb and post it to TN,unless if TN will not check for unique PO,if so you have to change PO number.


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     i resolved the problem , actually the problem was they submited the PO but they were not getting the responce , in TN it got processed fine there was no problem in TN. its a problem in submiting the PO, now i resolved it by resubmiting the document 

again thanks