tracing Exception in Developer

I am using try catch sequences in Developer (IS4.6) and have them set up as: success, failure, done. This seems to work ok during runtime.

However, when I am tracing (or stepping thru) the services, I noticed different behavior. If the service fails due to Oracle error for select, it goes to my Catch sequence. But if the service fails due to Oracle error for insert, it display the error Window to me and does not go to my Catch sequence.

Does anybody has similar experience? Is a a bug in Developer or did I miss something?


Check the input of ur insert records and it might be comming null or some typo in the statement mapping for the service input/output,So it might causing exception alert.


Yes, I did put null as the input on purpose so that there will be a system error. But I expect it to exit my Catch sequence and go into my Try sequence, where I will log the error and rollback. But instead, the error message window pops up and the whole flow is terminated.

Any more idea?