Topic in a Clustered UM environment

Hi All,

Can anyone explain how a topic behaves in a Universal Messaging clustered environment (active-active).

We have three nodes for Universal Messaging umserver1, umserver2, umserver3 as part of a cluster.
I have created topic on umserver1 node and the topic got created on other cluster nodes too.
When I publish a message using webmethods flow service (jms:send) to topic on umserver1 node, the message is getting pushed to umserver2 node and the count is not in sync on other nodes (umserver1, umserver3).

Will messages will be pushed automatically to the topics in each node?

Priyadharshini Muniyandi.

While you have UM realm in cluster, there will be one master, and other nodes will act as slaves. When an event reaches a master node, it will sync the event with other slave nodes. If the message reaches one of the slave node first, slave node would pass the event to master, and master would sync it with other slave nodes that are part of cluster. The event and its state will be sync’ed with all the nodes in cluster.

When you say, count is not in sync with other nodes, what does this mean? Do you mean, number of published events and subscribed events or something else?


Hi Priyadharshini,

As I understood your question is regarding to the behavior of topic in active-active UM Clustered environment. There is no relation between Topic/Queue and Clustering.
Cluster would behave same for both Topic/Queue whereas cluster job is to provide provides support for business contingency and disaster recovery
In case of
Application and service failures
System and hardware failures
Site failures.

Yes, messages should be pushed automatically to the topic in all nodes. if your message count is not in sync on every node of cluster then problem is in you cluster configuration.

For more info you can refer the below document with page no 17.

Ashish Kumar