Tooltips in FLOW editor in Designer 10.1

I don’t recall seeing this in the past but for some reason it has started bothering me and getting in the way – mouse hovering over each FLOW step pops up a tooltip. I find that it gets in the way more than is helpful. I looked around for turning it off but could not find a setting for it. There is the “Default Pipeline Tree Tooltip” setting that supposedly controls the contents (it doesn’t seem to have any effect on my setup) but I’m looking to control whether or not tooltips appear at all. Anyone have guidance?

This is not supported in Designer.

Forgive me for asking, but how do you know this? Are you with SAG? Given your profile, that shows only this post in your history, I would like additional info in order to gauge the likely accuracy of this statement.

In any case, I may end up submitting a Brainstorm request or similar – this “feature” is really starting to be aggravating.

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Yes, I work with SAG. I checked in the designer this option is not present.