Too many sessions getting created at wM and the connections


we are using webmethods 6.1 and having a interface in which we are integrating a portal and SAP XI system.

From the portal we are getting a https request to our predefined https port/(xyz) service location whcih executes the respective service.
After receiving the request from the portal we are routing it to TN then again TN will be calling the same xyz service through execute a service action in TN processing rule.
After getting a bizdoc from TN we are then sending the content o SAP XI system through a webservice/SOAP call.
When we receive a SOAP response from SAP XI we are updating it to a output template defined in xyz service which is sent as a response to the portal whcih calls the https url/link of webMethods xyz service.

while this process when huge number of requests received by wM server from the portal we have observed that some sessions were in CLOSE_WAIT state.

portal has sent a large number of messages, and

webM has then progressed to send the data towards XI.

The following number of network connections where open at the time:


Hi Vikram,

please provide some more informations about your versions being used:

IS should be 6.1 SP2.

Which MWS/Portal version do you use?

Any Fixes installed to these environments?

Please check with TS about specific updates.

We had a similar situation lately on our systems which resulted in some Fixes for 7.1.1:

IS_7-1-1_CL_Fix1 (aka MWS_7-1-1_CL_Fix1) apply to all installations, even

Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response, we are using:

Product webMethods Integration Server
Version 6.1