To: Forum Administrator

Why do you allow users to add polls, but not to vote in polls?

I tried to vote in a poll and it works. However we will check the permissions for non Software AG members.
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You have to be registered to be able to create and vote in polls.

Excellent answer! :!: :?: :evil: :twisted: :roll:
How can I create a new topic without being registered? To create a new poll I must be registered. To vote in a poll, I must be registered. Am I registered now?

Voting in a poll still does not work!

What I meant to say was that anyone who is registered and logged on can (or should be able to) create and take part in polls.

I can now also reproduce the problem using my non-administrator userid and we are working on a fix; watch this space.

Hello billiboy!

I cast my vote in your poll (the one with the editor-question), and I’m not a software-ag-employee. It seems to me that everything is OK.
Maybe you aren’t allowed to vote for your own polls…

That wouldn’t matter. But I am not allowed to vote in other polls.

I can read the following in the corner down right:

We have a handle on this now and it is quite obvious when you think about it. You are only allowed to vote in a poll once, so when you have voted in a particular poll you do not get to see the voting screen, only the results.

We just didn’t explain it all that well, so to stop idiots like me wondering what happened, we will put in text to say that you have already voted in this poll.

Allow a personal remark: Could you please be so kind and stop using the crossed out image of the lady with the shoulder bag as avatar? In my eyes this is no good style at all…
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Maybe some Catholics treat your avatar and name just the same way… :wink:



Isn’t it nice? :smiley: I call it Pope-Bear-Bag