Edit a topic?

Is it possible to edit one’s topic in the Natural/Adabas-Forums?
If I want to add some text, it seems to me like I have to create a new one…

You should be able to edit your own postings; select the posting you want to edit and at the top right hand side there should be an “edit” button.

Well, I’m logged in and I see my thread, but there is only a "quote-button and a button with an exclamation mark.

But no edit button…

Hello Matthias,
there are some restrictions on editing your own postings. Please see the phpBB FAQs at: [url]http://adabas.forums.softwareag.com/faq.php#15[/url]
I assume that one of these restrictions match the case you mentioned.
Bast regards

Hmm! It’s not possible to edit my own post. Even if it’s only a few seconds old.

For a quick test, I’ll try to edit this post …

Sorry, it’s still impossible!
I tried it with Internet Explorer and with Firefox. Please see my attachment…

Test to see if I can edit this posting when I’m not an logged on as an administrator.

and I can’t, so this is either a bug :frowning: or a feature :slight_smile:

I’ll look into it some more, watch this space…

I’ve changed the settings on the forums to allow registered users to edit their own postings; it’s amazing what you can do when you read the documentation :oops:

ThanXXL! Now I can edit my postings!

EDIT: Test is OK!