Editing a previous posting

I have a suggestion regarding the editing of previous messages.

I, like many people I am sure, use the screen which shows the “latest” posts for each thread. So, suppose someone posts a question on Monday. I post a response on Tuesday, which includes a request for more information about the problem. I now would typically (but no longer, now that I know how this works) “monitor” the date/time of the last post for this thread. As long as I see my Tuesday post as the “latest” posting, I would not even click the thread open.

HOWEVER, if the original poster submitted an “edit” to their original Monday posting, say on Wednesday, the date/time still would show my Tuesday posting as the latest entry.

I can see two possibilities. Either an education process, informing the user community to not continue a thread by editing an earlier posting, or, changing the date/time to reflect the latest edits to an earlier posting.

Thanks for considering how to address this “problem”


p.s. this just happened over the weekend. Subba edited an earlier posting on a thread he started. I did not see his edit since the date/time stamp was not changed. Fortunately, Doug Kelly was reading through the thread and was able to answer Subba’s question.