Archive Old posts?

Hi Team ,
Just wanted to know if there is any mechanism through which old posts are archived, I have observed that sometimes questions connected to the same topic are added to a very old post which hasn’t had any activity for a number of years, One example is pub.schema:validate using document type - Forum - Software AG Tech Community & Forums where there was no activity for over 10 years.



Is the age of the prior post a problem in some way? Or is there a different specific concern?

Hi @reamon ,
The primary reason is that the product version could have changed significantly , there could be change in behaviors too owing to different versions of specifications (RFCs) being implemented.
So the issue raised after a while might as well be a different issue altogether.

My suggestion would be that instead of adding more posts to the same topic , perhaps it would be better to create a new topic and link to the old topic.



I agree that folks pile on to an old post when a new post would likely be more appropriate. The age of an idle thread in and of itself, is not an issue in my opinion.


Fair point , the age of the issue itself is not a problem, The idea behind archiving is to make the posts in a topic as connected as possible.


Thanks for the feedback @Nagendra_Prasad and @reamon

It’s a valid point and we are currently looking in how to improve it in a way that very old topics are not revived, but new ones are created with links to them.

Instead of archiving we will probably close such very old posts.

If you have any other suggestions please let us know!


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