To connect with a Mainframe machine which adapter to use? An


I wanna get a flat file, which is prodeced by a mainframe batch porcess, in my Integration server. I will insert the records of this file into a database which is easy to do with JDBC adapter. But i didn’t figure iut yet how to read/get the file from Mainframe. I think it must be possible via File Polling but don’t know how to do that.

Have someone a good idea?


Maybe a stupid suggestion…Could you get them to FTP the file to a server where you can run an IO adapter with file polling? (I’m not sure whether you can poll directly on a mianframe, I haven’t tried that yet). Which version of wM are you using? If version 6, it’s got a fair whack of file handling built in, refer to the manuals. If previous versions and you are using only IS portion and not Enterprise as well, you can set up a scheduled task to do a getfile operation every couple of seconds/ minutes/ hours/ days. Once you get the file into IS, you can then process it. Hope this helps.