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Hi all,

I am new to TN .
my task is to : an EDI doc to TN
2. get that document for converting into xml
3.send the xml to receiver

can any one tell me the steps to do it?

Thanks in advance

This basic topic was covered in various threads,please use the search functionality in this site before starting a new thread.

How are you receiving the EDI doc from source?
However here are some responses. an EDI doc to TN
Grab the document from VAN and use the routeXML or tn.receive service that will post it to TN.

  1. get that document for converting into xml
    you have to parse the EDI document based on the schema and map the edi segments to XML and finally use recordToDocument (4.6)documentToXMLString (6.0)service.
    If you want to route the XML to TN use routeXML service and set up the receiver partner profile and delivery method

3).send the xml to receiver
Use the transport methods HTTP or FTP XML to receiver.


Thankx for the reply
i have been successfull with the step 1 and now i have to get that document to convert into xml
can you please tell in brief to get the document from TN

Bascially you have to setup a processing rule which will trigger a flow service and provides bizdoc in the pipeline.So grab the bizdoc/content using (bytestoString)which will give the edidata and next step will be parsing the edidata using envelopeProcess,convertToValues based on the schema (WmEDI services) which gives output of EDIValues (ST segment).

So map ST child segments to the target XML document structure what ever your requirement is(see the WmSamples packages of EDIToXML mappings as a referrence).And finally use the documentToXMLString or recordToDocument service gives output (xmldata)and route it to TN for partner delivery.

Please use the search functionality,lot of threads been already discussed on this procedure step by step.

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