TN vs Broker

i have a doubt that,
we are using TN to communicate or share our business information to other enterprises.

my question is, why cant we use broker instead of TN?
broker is also doing same thing within enterprise.
so why we are differentiating broker and TN

While both Broker and TN have some relationship to messages passed between parties, Broker does not provide the same functionality as TN.

Spend a few minutes with the TN concepts guide to understand how the TN application differs from the Broker messaging infrastructure component.

Broker’s messages typically require specific ports to be opened between parties exchanging messages and both parties must understand either the broker’s proprietary messaging API or JMS. Trading partners need to be able to exchange business documents (XML docs, EDI docs, etc) and to do so without opening firewall ports.

Broker and TN are not equivalent.


As a webMethods professional which of these would you classify as Subscribers and which as Partners? Is there a real design trait you would consider using Broker in place of TN.

I would like to know a scenario where Broker fits better than TN. Please ignore all firewall and messaging protocols.

  1. If i did not have a Broker which requires a seperate license i could have used TN to monitor the messages routed between parties.

  2. Just because the messaging is within an Enterprise do we use Broker instead of TN.
    cant i use FTP with TN instead of JMS of Broker?