TN vs Broker


This may seem as a very simple question but what is the need of the broker, as i feel all the transactions can be handled through TN.:confused:


Well that’s true for just about any software, you can make it handle anything you want. TN and broker are not designed to do the same thing although some folks try and do that. Broker is a high speed message switch, while TN is designed for B2B integration with trading partners. TN usage has grown over the years to also handle internal systems much like it handles trading partners.

Everybody does this differently so it really is a matter of opinion and what works best for you. My rule of thumb is if I need long term storage of transactions that flow through webMethods IS and I need to be able to easily reprocess them then I involve the use of TN(MWS is awful for this process so I use TN). If I do not then I don’t. Broker is involved in most if not all of the work we do in webMethods. I’m a fan of messaging but not everyone is so it’s up to what you feel comfortable with.