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Can you say what is difference between broker and broker server
and what is difference between broker and TN


Broker server is the operating system process that acts as container of one or more Broker Servers, which are the workers actually doing the brokering work. Although a Broker Server may contain more than one Broker, in most cases it contains just one. Because of this, the difference between both usually is not much relevant.

As for TN versus Broker, they are very different, since they are tools aimed to very different levels of abstraction; e.g. like Ethernet and HTTP.

Broker is a technical component providing managed communications between software elements. In most cases it sits between different ISs to provide guaranteed, high-performance asynchronous and pub/sub communications. For Broker, messages are blobs of bytes, and the parties interchanging them are just endpoints in the network. While there are several means by which Broker clients may contact Broker, between themselves Brokers always use a proprietary protocol to interact.

Trading Networks sits on a much higher level than Broker. Its goal is interchanging business messages between business parties, instead of technical messages between software elements as Broker does. Usually, messages handled by Broker are closer to a software implementation than to a business document, while in TN it is the opposite.

TN is a B2B tool, while Broker is middleware.

For TN, messages are documents containing business data, and the parties interchanging them are businesses with a profile including people to contact, identity certificates, etc. The ability of TN to analyze the content of the messages and to know who sends it and to who it is sent allows to stablish conditions and rules on how to process the message (route it to another party, send an email, validate the message, …)

TN talks not only to TN, but to any other tool the business party has, using an assorted variety of standards, such as protocols (FTP, SMTP, HTTP, …) and messaging frameworks (RosettaNet, SWIFT, …).

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