Difference between methods

Hi guys,

I am new to Entire X Broker integration. Any help is appreciated. I have two questions.

1: What is the difference betwen the two methods in com.softwareag.entirex.aci.BrokerService.


2: Are there any code examples that I can follow to setup my integration with the mainframe. I am running an app on WAS on z/OS.


  1. if the server RPC environment supports it, the cancel allows a backout operation to take place. Otherwise the two are the same.
  2. Check out the library SYSETB if you are using Natural on the mainframe. Otherwise, there are examples in the install libraries on z/OS and their corresponding examples in the Windows/Unix install directories.

See http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/wmsuite8_ga/EntireX/devkit/aciFunctions.htm#brokerFunc_EOC

Basically the other side gets a different return code, i.e. Partner finished the conversation vs. Partner cancelled the conversation