00030011: Partner cancelled the conversation.

I am new to EntireX. My VB.NET application is communicating with a mainframe application via EntireX and I am receiving an error message

  • SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime.XException: 00030011: Partner cancelled the conversation.

There are few forums / information related to EntireX on the internet. I wish to know what this error means and how to go about resolving it.
The only help I got on the internet is to “If possible, back out all actions taken for the conversation”. What does this mean?

Usually a RPC Server cancels a conversation in case it cannot interpret the RPC client request (what the RPC Server received seems not be a RPC call).

Did you switch on translation or conversion in the Broker attribute file for the RPC service?

Looking at the trace/log of the RPC Server might also give an indication of the error situation.