Entirex Rpc server goes down

Hi all,

Sometimes our RPC servers are going down.When we get the RMF reports we see below messages related to RPC server closing.

04/14/2005 08:55:38 NATSRVD NAT2 AZI6ATCV

NAT2:Cics transaction.

Explanation: The transaction was connected to another transaction in
another CICS system via an IRC link. This other transaction has
abnormally terminated.

System Action: The task is abnormally terminated with a CICS transaction
dump. [/b][/u]

And also we see below error code “0003 0010” in client.

00030010 EOC due to DEREGISTER of partner
Explanation This error comes as the result of a receive function. The particular conversation is already closed because the partner application has DEREGISTERed. This information is intended to tell an application the reason for an EOC:
DEREGISTER of the partner,
LOGOFF of the partner, or
EOC with cancel of the partner
Action If possible, back out all actions taken for that conversation, since the end does not appear to be graceful.

Why Entirex RPC server goes down when Cics transaction is terminated?
Anybody knows a solution for this problem?


Are you running your RPC Servers in CICS? Are the transactions that are abnormally terminated by CICS the RPC Servers?

If so, what are the server subprograms (CALLNAT’d) doing - are they initiating something that is abending the transaction?

Yes, our RPC servers are running in the CICS. Yes, transactions are abnormally terminated by CICS.
They acces to vsam file defined in other Cics system with function shipping.CSMI mirror transaction handles the file request in other Cics.That transaction abends with AZI6 resulting in abend of RPC server transaction.