RPC Service but Not Working for some users. Buffer Pool?

Hi friends, i have problem with some RPC Servers.

At one machine with Red Hat Linux we Have the Natural running, in another machine we have the RPC Servers connected into Natural Machine (Entire-X)… some times every day, from one week ago to now, some clients are calling saying that have NAT6971 error and some other errors, when it happening, some other clients are working well.

If i kill the RPC Server process and start it again, the problem persists.

When i kill the Natural Buffer Pool and start again the Buffer Pool and the RPC Servers (they go down when recycle the buffer pool), all come to work well again.

Can anyone help me?

Tanks a lot and best regards!!!

Upgrading my post, the EntireX Version is and the reason code when the error 6971 occours is 7.

reason code 7 indicates “node not active”, which doesn’t sound too helpful from what you are seeing. It is possible that the issue is network related - DNS errors, network interrupts (faulty network card?), firewalls, etc… You might also verify the memory usage of the RPC servers and Natural (since memory issues can masquerade as other errors), although this isn’t overly likely.

Do you have the Natural RPC Trace turned on? That and the Broker Stub trace will likely help identify where the problem is coming from.

Do you have the option to upgrade your EntireX to a current, supported version?