why we use broker and why TN

why we use broker and why TN both are similer or their own important
i think both are used to getting document and sending.i want to know more.
plz DIFFERENTIATE this two.

First of all both are not similar in many ways. I can not list all the differences here. Some are:
Broker is a high speed message router. Once the message is deliverd to subscriber the data is removed from it. Its the backbone to Pub/Sub model. Usually we use this for EAI (within enterprise, although you can use in B2B).
2. TN is a component used to integrate business partners/market places etc with the enterprise where the transaction data can be persisted. Here you can manage partner prifiles, deliery methods, processing rules and etc. TN is best for B2B integration where you need data persistence and etc.

Pls go through the broker and TN documentation. You can download from advantage site. You will get all information you need.


Hello shekhar;
Thanks for ur valuable advice.can we configure both in real time for document fetching and sending.

Hello Harish,
You can use both Broker and TN in real time. But that always depends on how you design the interface.