TN Startup Error

Hi, I am trying to configure the Tn DB Pool and getting the following error

java.sql.SQLException: [wm-cjdbc34-0042][Oracle JDBC Driver]Error establishing socket to host and port: localhost:1521. Reason: Address already in use: connect

It can happen because of a few reasons.e.g Your port 1521 is not in use by oracle but by some other entity. For this do a nslookup to see if you can resolve this port conflict also use the host name/ip address instead of localhost.

You may also want to check if you could telnet, try “telnet localhost 1521”.

Later check if its due to firewall, if its in a development environment, you may try it by turning off the firewall, but before that please check if you could see any traces in the firewall log.


Confirm that you have the DB running on your machine (localhost) and it is listening for connections on port 1521.This problem mostly happens when some other service using 1521 port. use netstat command to check that.

Saurabh Pratap