TN - Standard/Custom Query Attributes

Hi all,

This is my 1st post in this forum and I would like extend my sincere gratitude to all the users of this forum. I’ve been working on wM for quite sometime now and whenever I needed more information, wmusers always came to my rescue. Thank you:)

Earlier today, I had to reprocess/resubmit 10K+ transactions. Just as I was thinking on whether an automation was possible - with the information from multiple discussions here, I was able to do a resubmit-automation.

However, I would like to know if there is any guide(that I’m missing), that carries the Standard/Custom Attribute list AND their corresponding internal attribId/attribName values. I/someone may require this information in the future, to put to use in the createDocumentQuery service’s additional attributes or type documentList. This might be an amateur question (:D) or I might be missing something that I should’ve done, but it would be great if someone can help me out here!

I made quite a thorough search of wM-TN documentation, but could not find the required information. Any information on this, would be much appreciated.


There is no explicit documentation on internal attributes…

Please review the TN Users/BIS guides for more information (it covers the createDocumentQuery/documentQuery services inputs/attrib descriptions) and also TN biz doc tables that gives some more info on how the data attributes stored/linked between tables.

One pointer note is most of the document/data can be retrieved based on the InternalId attrib from the bizdoc tables (via as the first step:


Thanks for the response, RMG.

Yes, internalId is unique, but my intent was to reprocess all the transactions that were from a particular partner, for a specific doc-type, received during a period of time. So, instead of trying to use the internalId and run the service for every value, I wanted to loop over the documentList returned by the documentQuery service.

So, wanted these attribIds and names, just to refine the query - to narrow down on the TN transactions, instead of manually removing the outliers.

I will try and get back with any findings, thank you once again! :slight_smile:

Yes I understand you are trying to do…please search this forum with keyword createDocumentQuery or DocumentQuery and there are some topics covered on this specifics and inputs…

Also for reprocessing transactions you should run tn:reroute service: