TN Server Pulling Rules, Doc Types from Wrong DB

We are experiencing an intermittent problem (wM TN 6.1) where the TN Server pulls document types or processing rules (not necessarily both) from the wrong database. Occasionally the profile name will be from the wrong DB as well. The problem is resolved by reloading the WmTn package or restarting the IS. The environment is NOT clustered. Only 4 users have Admin privileges and they aren’t changing any config.

I don’t have Admin access so am limited on how much information I can view regarding the problem. If anybody has experienced similar issues, your advice would be greatly appreciated.



I’ve never seen this happen. Unless there is something funky going on with the network where name resolution is returning different IP addresses for the same hostname, then the issue likely lies elsewhere.

TN caches the doc types, profiles and rules in memory. It refreshes this cache when: TN Console is used to make changes; TN is told to refresh by another TN instance.

Do you have multiple IS/TN instances pointing to the same database? This would be a “TN cluster” which can be set up even if an IS cluster or a load-balancing cluster is not present. If so, there are TN configuration parameters that should be set up so that when a TN Console attached to one TN instance is used to make changes, that TN instance tells the other TN instance(s) to refresh their cache. Not having this set up would explain the behavior you’re seeing.

You mention the 4 people have Admin privileges. Do you mean IS Admin or TN Admin?


Thanks for your response. I’m forwarding to the IS Admin folks. There are 3 of them (I incorrectly stated 4 earlier).