Trading Networks Console not displayed properly


Below found is a summary of issues faced in TN:

  1. Enterprise page not visible, just a blank page is displayed.
  2. Unable to open partner profiles.
  3. Unable to open document types, “No Document Type editor found” error is thrown.
  4. “Call webMethods Customer support” error is thrown when trying to import data.
  5. TN partner profiles are visible through WmTNWeb console and can be added through MWS.

Please refer screenshots attached as reference to the errors.

We are using webMethods 7.1.2 version and TNS_7.1.2_Fix_20 and IS_7.1.2_Core_Fix_44 are the latest upgrades.

Please check and provide your suggestions, also let me know if any more information is required.

TN_import1.bmp (1.52 MB)
TN_doc_type1.bmp (1.52 MB)

When this issue started on your TN environment? Any recent IS/TN fixes installed and started seeing this?

What are you trying to import and is the error before or after importing TN items?


We have been noticing this issue recently in some servers. TNS fix 20 is the latest fix installed, other servers having the same fix level is working fine. I tried checking the console after uninstalling TNSfix20, still got the same issue with the previous fix too.

I was just importing some partner profiles and processing rules while checking the functionalities affected by this behaviour.


One more error observed while starting the console from CMD using console.bat:

“Exception in thread “Thread-2” Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 512”

Please check and provide your inputs on this.

Below are few debuging steps

  1. Check JDBC Pools related to TN,it should be good other wise problem is with database

2)Try to open TN table and see content of profiles table,if feel every thing is fine

  1. Lastly,if it is non production box,try to connect these pools to Sandbox/testbok where fix hasn’t installed,if it is good problem with current TN only.Contant SAG support

Checked the TN DB pools, They are fine. Checked by changing the TN DB schema: console works fine if the affected machine is connected using the working server TN DB schema. Seeing same issue when reverted back to the original TN DB schema. It seems issue is with the TN schema.

Ok,That good

You found the issue is schema.Now you can check with DBA for any fixs happened in database

Ask them possibilty of roll back to TN database schema to working date or try to catalog on working & non working,you can find some more information on the issue related to schema

Let me know if you resolved it and how it has happened

This issue is now resolved. Issue was because of many duplicate entries of extended Profile fields belonging to a particular field group. After deleting the duplicate entries from the respective tables, the console started working fine.

Glad to hear it resolved by removing duplicates.

Where is my post gone? Anyway, I am glad you resolved the issue! Good luck.