TN redirecting document to wrong server

We are using trading networks 8.0.1. We have set up a trading partner to receive files through https. They have been receiving files for quite sometime now. Since last week, we are getting error as below -

Delivery service for 5000dj0vav8c15fa00001k8m failed with a status of fail and status message of Connection timed out: connect

We posted the document through Firefox poster and it went through, and we got the usual PHP response back.

But when document is submitted through TN it fails. The interesting thing is that we looked at the response in detail. When the files were processing fine the server details were correct. In this case nginx. But now when it is failing the response comes from IIS 7.5 server. This trading partner does not use IIS at all. So the document is automatically being directed to a wrong server by TN.

We have checked with their and our server teams and nothing has changed.

Has anyone else faced this issue where TN is redirecting the document to a random server.

According to the error specified the delivery is failed.
So please check the delivery setting of the receiver under partner profile.
Try to ping telnet this url as it showing connection time out.

I am able to telnet the trading partner url. I am also able to post document and get correct response using Firefox poster. The issue only happens when using trading networks.

But when document is submitted through TN it fails. ?? >> This statement is confusing a bit i think you mean when we submit document to TN (this passes)
but getting delivered to the receiver fails.

Could you please clarify this?

could you please explain the flow.

like are you using TN delivery method as action or some other method?

what is the preferred protocol that has been selected?

Is there any authentication required at partner end?

just to try if not in production you can try to delete/recreate the partner profile or the delivery settings.

also could you please the entire error stack trace.

Sorry for the confusion. Yes the document when submitted to TN went through but failed at the receivers end.

The trading partner said that they had not modified anything at their end. And we were confused because when the document was posted from firefox then it reached them but failed when it was sent through TN using https. To top it we used to get response from a server other than the one we sent to. Finally the server team traced their responses back and realised that their security certificate may have expired. Since, they were using nginx which uses blocks, we were getting response from another server running through nginx.

So the issue was that the security certificate at their end had expired and they did not realise. We have moved to http protocol for now while they fix their certificate.

Thank you so much for your help and interest in resolving the issue.


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Your welcome.
Thanks for posting the resolution for the issue.