TN profile creation using WM flow service

I’m getting the below error, while trying to create a TN profile using WMTN services,

Could not add partner profile for xxxx.

java.lang.ClassCastException cannot be cast to
java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to

Here are the steps followed for profile creation:

pub.file:getFile (loading the file from back-end) (populated the value from my document)

Could someone please provide a resolution for this error ?

Hi Venkatakrishnan,

As per the error, there is some issue with the data you are passing to the TN services. Trace through the service and see what data is getting passed.

Populating the value from your document is causing some issue here looks like
The external ID should be of type -

Refer to webMethods Trading Networks Built-In Services Reference for more details.

Firoz N

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Thanks Firoz for your reply.

I’ve been following the mentioned in-built type ‘’ to populate the values. As per the reference guide,

If you are adding the external ID to a new profile, leave the internal ID fields
(InternalID and PartnerIDID empty. Trading Networks generates these internal IDs
for you when you save the profile to the Trading Networks database.

i have populated the values for the other three fields alone. But still i’m getting the same error as such.