TN processing invalid XML

I noticed a strange situation while working in TN.

Suppose, the valid XML which my partner can post is like below:-


But I am noticing that, they are sending an invalid XML like below and TN is able to recongnise that document.

Response -
<?xml version="1.0"?>


And processing successfully.

Even more of my shock, this XML is getting successfully validated in developer services pub.schema:validate.

Any input please, why it is behaving so?? ANy silly mistake i m making??

CAn you please give me some input… Thak you.

Well, as I have browsed through here and there on the same topic –
I found that, when we are doing some kinda schema validation – be it in TN or Developer, as long the content within the root tags conforms to the schema – it will validate the particular incoming data irrespective of the fact that the XML data has got something more after the end of the root tag.

While validation,the wM service will consider the rest data as other nodes n will validate successfully.

But if you put an invalid XML after the end of the root tag – it will give u error as the rest part of the data is not a valid XML.