TN is not recognising the envelope

Hi All,

As per my reqirement, we need to accumulate and send TAXCON and INVOIC messages(EANCOM version 96A) as a single envelope. It is an outbound process.
when the document was sent to TN,TN is splitting into two envelopes (TAXCON and INVOIC) and one new entry which contains both the messages.
For individual envelopes it is recognising pretty good. but the entry which has both the messages still recognising the documentType but showing sender and receiver as “unknown”.
could you please help me out.


Your batching process is either not inserting the right identifiers in the interchange envelope, or the identifiers are not defined correctly in the partner profiles.

You should probably review your TPA set up so that outbound interchanges are not split to the transaction set level as it creates unnecessary clutter in your TN DB.

Hi reamon

  1. i have checked envelope identifiers in the partner profile and also in TPA for the partner. it looks pretty good.
    I think, if the envelope identifiers are invalid then it should not recognize senderId and receiverID of each INVOIC and
    TAXCON. but TN is recognising envelope identifiers incase of individual envelopes.
    As i am not getting why the TN is not recognising envelope ids of sender and receiver, if the document contains more than one envelopes with differenent transaction sets for the same partner.
  2. I have tested by changing the splitting levels with all of the possibilites.But still it is not recognising sender and receiver Ids.
  3. As per your statement
    “batching process is either not inserting the right identifiers in the interchange envelope”
    could you please expain about when would be TN use batch process