TN Error

Hi All,

[TNS.0002.1082W] Task 5ej27600a24ff4k900000038 failed with no more retries available. Reason for failure - Delivery service for 5ej27600a24ff4k900000038 failed with a status of fail and status message of 404 Not Found

How are you delivering the data to partner? via routeXmlToTN service? what is the delivery method used in the processing rule? have you configured retries, and timeout properties? was there any duplicate messages delivered to partner? what is the size of the message that you send? have you measured how much time does it take to transfer the file?


Vamsee – What is your requirement, what did you do so far and which version of wM you are using.


Can you explain something about the issue?

I see you have just pasted the error here. Need more inputs to suggest you better.