TN Error During Document Delivery

Hi all,

I’m trying to post a RosettaNet PIP document from my TN to a specified URL in Partner’s environment.While trying i’m getting a failure message as ‘Task 5022o800v1tmvst30000001f failed with no more retries available. Reason for failure - Delivery service for 5022o800v1tmvst30000001f failed with a status of fail and status message of Bad’ in the Delivery step…
In the server log, i’m seeing the TN Server tries to Open SOCKET with the receivers URL…
But if i try to access the Partner URL thro’ IE, I’m able to access…

Help !!! Help !!! Help !!!


Is your’s or partner server lying in DMZ zone?If so the IS/TN might be trying for handshaking with your partner server while sending the RNO and failing in delivery.

Please check the server/ntwk settings regarding the https/certificate configurations,if applicable.Sorry if it is not helpful.



I have verified the things u mentioned…but still the problem is not solved…so, now i’m trying to use wm.ip.processDocument…

U can see my other posts to understand the current situation… :slight_smile: