TN Error Causing IS Service to fail

Forgot to mention: webMethods 6.0.1 running on NT server

The error message shows it could not able to find the TN externalID (mutuallyDefined) from the edi document submitted.

At what point you are getting this error?TN submission side or delivering the documen to trading partner using publicQueues?

Can you please elaborate more on your webMethods technical processing of this edi document.



that’s part of the problem - I can’t tell. I triggered the document out of our erp system and before I could look at it in the TN, the IS service failed. After that, each time I restart the service, it tries to process this document again, with the same error message above.

We have a JDBC adapter with a trigger on an integration table in Oracle. The document is published to the broker in native (ERP) format and from there its picked up by the TN, converted to EDI format and sent to the VAN.

Given the first line of the error message ( I presumed it was happening somewhere in the processing rules on the TN. Since I can’t log into the TN (because the integration server service is failing) I can’t tell for sure what’s going on - are there TN logs somewhere I can look at to confirm?

appreciate the help.


Depending on your explained scenario,the problem might be when the IS flow service submitting the edi to TN, this document may not properly recognizing the externalId (mutuallyDefined,ZZ)provided in the EDI document envelope level,which causes the processing rule fail.

So make sure in the IS flow service, whether the externalId (mutuallyDefined) is properly being mapped in the final edi document before routing it to TN.
(you can use wm.b2b.edi:envelopeProcess service for checking the Edi envelope level validation and debug it if any errors).

At this point i have only this suggestion.


a) Looks like the ISA senderId or receiverId is not populated in the X12.

b) Capture the X12 string before you send it to TN. One of us may be able to help if we see this data.

Thank you both for your posts. I am fairly certain that it is the receiver ID that is causing the error - this is the first tim,e we have a partner that’s using their phone number (we have used DUNS number each time in the past). The real issue is how to get my development environment back online. Each time I restart the Integration Server 6.0 service, I get the error message above delivered to me via e-mail and then the service fails before I can even log in to TN Console, Integration Server or Developer.

What can I do to purge this transaction so that it is not picked up /processed again when I restart the Integration Server service.


Have you installed the EDI ID types for (phone)using the IS AdminConsole/EDI webpage?you may have setup this before sending the document to TN.
In your mapping flow service the TN externalID you should pass in the Edi ISA Enveloper receiverid is (12)which is used for Phone.

If you want to purge the transaction invoke the writeToFile serivce and capture the edi document before sendin it to TN or just disable the TN routing service (routeXML or receive service what ever you are using)

Hope this helps,

Looks like your IS does not initialize itself because of the problem you are having. RMG’s earlier suggestions (regarding the IDtype) will definitely apply once the server comes up.

My suggestion will be to drop the TN tables (run the drop script) and create them back again.

It is kind of non-trivial to delete one transaction because of all the relationships between the various TN tables.