TN Document Type - XML - Retrieving the ReceiverID from the Root Node attribute


In defining an XML Document Type in TN, is there any way to extract the ReceiverID from the attribute of the Root Node ?? Given the following example, how would I go about extracting the value of the “target” attribute (which is INFORAP) from the TN Document Type definition ??

<?xml version="1.0" ?>


Any help is greatly appreciated.


You can try upload the same xml sample document and extract it

for example XQL query: Below here where @domain is nothing but target attribute in your sample above:

/cXML/Header/To/Credential[(@domain $eq$ ‘NetworkId’ $or$ @domain $eq$ ‘NetworkID’ $or$ @domain $eq$ ‘DUNS’ $or$ @domain $eq$ ‘AribaNetworkUserId’) $and$ ($not$ @type $or$ @type $eq$ ‘’)]/Identity