TN Document Attribute


Currently for the TN Attribute Conversation ID,I am extracting the value from a PIP field(Pip3A7PurchaseOrderUpdateNotification/thisDocumentIdentifier/ProprietaryDocumentIdentifier)
by using the extract option in the particular TN Document type.

My requirement is that I want the conversation ID to consist of two PIP fields concatenated with each other

Also the concatenated values should have an “_” seperating them.

Is there any way I can concatenate two PIP fields in the extract option of TN Document type seperated by an “_”

Also can you provide me the exact query for using this…

Randy which version of TN are you using ? Have to looked into using the custom service to query the specific attribute ? you can create your own service in which you can query different nodes and concatenate them per your requirement.


I forgot the actual XQL syntax for concatenation…wish i could remember…

Alternative you have is using the service level to update the attribute(TN DocumentID) of your format choice using the concat service logic etc…

Please check this thread on updating process…