TN Doc - System Attribute update

Hi, In one of our interface we were trying to update the system attribute User status for a TN doc with specified value at end of the flow. We were using the updateSystemAttribute service from WmTN pacakge. This updation is happening successfully. But whenever the User status value is updated from NULL to a specified value, another system attribute Processing Status/System status is getting changed as “NOT ROUTED”. On Activity log of TN doc, we can see an entry “System Status changed from DONE to NOT ROUTED. User Status changed from null to Validation Failed”. Before updating the User status value, system status attribute has “DONE”.

Can any one of you let us know, why System status is also getting affected when we update Processing status? Do we have any way to hold the old value “DONE” as it is? (We determine the status of top level service based on this value DONE or DONE W/ERRORS.)

Is service doesnt fit your requirement?
What service are you using to update the UserStatus before writing to DB using updateSystemAttributes?


I am updating the attribute ‘UserStatus’ of bizDoc document in pipeline and using the service ‘’ to update the value to DB.

you may want to check which processing rule this doc is triggering.
If you find the rule, check under Action tab, if “change user status” is checked for a value.
Hope this helps

Guna, After using ‘’ only User status is getting changed and System status value is preserved as ‘DONE’ itself. Eventhough it solved my issue, I am not sure on what makes SystemStatus value getting changed in my earlier approach.

Tongwang, User status is not updated in Processing rule. Explicitly in my flow, I was trying to update the values based on the end results for enabling the monitoring of transaction from TN level itself.

Ravindar, Good to know that your issue is resolved.

I am at loss on this. Did you check whenther the pacthes on IS or TN package has something to do here?