TN Database table - BizDocTypeDef

I’m curious to know if the column TypeID of the BizDocTypeDef table retains the same value from region to region when elements are exported/imported during code migrations.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


As I know the type id will be retained in order to maintain data consistency with the transactions in BIZDOC table

Yes it should and internally tables depends on what you are trying to export/import.

If you see any discrepancy please take up with SAG support to be aware of the DB table changes:

If you are talking about export/import in same version’s of product, the column name and data type has to be same.

If you are doing this in different versions of product (eg., 6.5 to 8.2), it need not be the same. I am not saying this field has got changed, but this is the thumb rule. If there are changes like this, in database migration scripts it would have been handled.



The code migration you said above are you migrating TN data from one version to another version via migration tool or just deploying TN items to the same version of another TN?

Depends on your inputs we can clarify your query:


Yes, the versions are the same (V8.0.2). What I’m working on now is converting the Domestic Transactional Banking from Tibco to webMethods for my client. Currently, Tibco is tracking the inbound Acknowledgements (EXP/DISB files) for the outbound Domestic Payments files. As the outbound and inbound information is all financial in nature, it was decided not to persist any of it to TN. I am planning on using TN to track the inbound Acknowledgments for the outbound Domestic Payments. I plan on creating a dummy document type for this reason. The wM Java Service “” has the TypeID as input to create a bizdoc envelope. I haven’t yet found out how to get the TypeId for a DocumentTypeName, so was planning to use the TypeID only. Does anyone know what services I should use to create a dummy bizdoc entry in TN solely for the purpose of tracking Acknowledgements ?? The bizdoc will not have any contentParts and will not do anything if resubmitted as it won’t be linked to any processsing rule.

 As always, I am very grateful for any assistance.


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To explain it a little bit more. Each Domestic Payment has a unique Payment Reference which I’ll use to set an Attribute. There will also be a “Status” attribute.

When a Domestic Payment is being sent to the Bank, a dummy doc (DomBank) will be persisted to TN with attributes “PayRef” set to the PaymentReference and “Status” set to ‘Sent’. When the EXP/DISB file is received, TN will be searched for the relevant PaymentReference and “Status” will be updated to “Acknowledged”.

A separate scheduled service will run 4 times a day to check for any DomBank documents in TN that have a “Status” of ‘Sent’ which were inserted into TN more than 6 or 12 hours ago. If any are fouind then an alert gets generated.

Never mind… Found what I was looking for…

Hi David,
Alternatively you can use service as well…

The difference is, doc:view service would expect the client invoking it to be a sender or receiver, whereas doc:viewAs doesn’t expect that.


Yes please start to use viewAs service to resolve any identifier issues with view.