Using TN to check if Acknowledgments have been received for files sent via SFTP

I’m working on migrating Transactional Banking from existing Tibco processes to webMethods. The existing TransBanking Tibco process checks that acknowledgments have been received for all outbound files to the bank sent via SFTP.

I'm having trouble conceptualising what needs to be done in Trading Networks to verify that an Acknowledgment has been received for a file that has been sent to the bank.  And after some specified amount of time, if an acknowledgment hasn't been received to generate an alert.

The files will be sent and received using SFTP and not AS2/EDI, which I've not designed previously and would appreciate some tips about what needs to be done and how to indicate on a document in TN that it has been Acknowledged or not.


After a bit of thought over this, I’ve come up with an idea that I’d like to bounce off of you lot. As TN will not be actually sending/receiving the files, I’m thinking that I can add a Document Attribute to contain a FileAcknowledged flag and before routing the File into TN, add a field into the data to associate with FileAcknowledged and set it to “FALSE” (or something). When the Acknowledgment is received from the Bank, find the original FileSent Document in TN and Update the FileAcknowledged flag to “TRUE” (or something). Then in a scheduled service, setup and run a DocumentQuery to retrieve all Documents where FileAcknowledged = “FALSE” and Last Modified is greater than 30 minutes (or so) ago. For any Docs retrieved, generate an Alert, and set FileAcknowledged to “ERROR” (or something).

It still needs to be fleshed out some more, but, this is about the basic framework that I can think of.  Does anyone have any thoughts about this idea/architecture ??

Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.

You are in the right direction about custom logic that you narrated above…it sounds a doable framework to me when there is no direct facility to track Ack’s the delivery process that runs outside of wM.


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If I understand your query properly, You are inserting a document in TN then using the processing rule to execute a service that sends the message to FTP host. And you are scheduling an ftp polling service to pick all the documents back insert into TN and change the userstatus of the original doc to something like ack received right?
You can associate the received file to the source using related documents there by its easier I suppose for tracking purposes…

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My only concern is resubmission… If the original document has an additional field “FileAcknowledged” that the bank doesn’t know about and the document is resubmitted from TN, then that could cause issues.

Does DocumentQuery work on ContentParts ?? If it does, then I should be able to create a “DocTracking” contentPart which would contain the FileName, TimeStamp & FileAcknowledged flag without affecting the actual data.

Broadly speaking, yes.