TN Create My profile - fields confusion

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I have some confusion on creating my own profile in Trading networks…
what data do i need to provide for delivery method option …like primary http or ftp or smtp which value do i need to give.

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You can configure one or all of the delivery methods in the partner profile. In the processing rule you have to choose any one of these configured delivery methods when this partner has to receive the data.


In TNConsole when you create partner profile there is a tab Delivery Method in that select your “Preferred Protocol” option like Primary http/https,ftp etc…and specify values…Once you have this in place then in the processing rule Action tab check mark the “Deliver Document By” and choose the radio button option “Receiver’s Preferred Protocol”…this will let deliver the document to your TP.


Just to add to rmg’s explanation, if you aren’t using the “Deliver Document By” option and not pulling the delivery information of TP using flow service the you can leave the “Delivery Method” information as default which would be the case if you are feeding the information to your downstream application in your environment like into database.


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hi any one know how to send a flatfile in TN,if possible plz send a package
any help will be appreciated

You can use pipeline matching or use a TN xml document type as a wrapper for this flat file.
Eager to know other approaches on this.

Guna, you can use this service to send flatfiles to TN

what version of IS/TN are you using??


just to add to above explanation, you also need to map values(senderID,ReceiverID,ConverstionID,DocumentID) in TN_parms document which is an input of service. This paramerters then needs to be extracted in the TN documentType for this Flat File.

I do know that when we were receiving documents through TN, it was important to know which variable was used in identifying not only yourself,
but the partners you set up. On ours it was the ‘Mutually Defined’ setting.
With AS2 you’d use the AS2 Identifier. So, you will want to make sure
everything goes together there otherwise you’ll get connection issues.