TN 6.0 migrate to 8.2

HI all,
I ve migrate a TN DB component from 6.0 to 8.2(side by side migration)
and installed WM products 8.2 and plugged the IS TN 8.2 function on the TN DB component just migrated but I had the error

Unable to load the following TN document types because their classes are not found in the classpath: {TypeId=RN11BizDocType----------,TypeName=RN11BizDocType ; TypeId=RN20BizDocType----------,TypeName=RN20BizDocType}. Either correct the classpath to include the required classes and restart the Server or, if you no longer use these document types, delete them using the service and then restart the Server.

I tried setting the variable PREPEND_SYSTEM_CLASSPATH=$IntegrationServer_HOME/packages/WmTN/lib/
where I have :WmRNIF11TRP.jar and WmRNIF20TRP.jar

but I cant start my IS
can someone help with this

Is that the right path where these class files should go per the docs?


Normally any jar files should go to these folders for classpath setting:




Please check it and try restart your IS


tanks for reply
but non of those clasic path works

Sorry for it.

But did you put those in the Rosettanet related packages like WmRosettaNet/code/jars/static package also and restart IS?

Doesn’t RN documentation cover this?..You should open a ticket with SAG support as well to speed up the migration issues:


Hi Rmg,
y r right I copied the jars from Rosettanet package.
I found that the IS took a lot of time to start even if I had the error.
the IS is up now but I cant use this doctype
and I have the same issue with ebXML71 doc type
Error while defining type ebXML71---------------rt (ebXML Routing).
2012-04-13 15:06:30 CEST [ISU.0000.9999I] Database error while adding type ebXML71---------------rt: [sag-cjdbc42-0011][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00904: “ACTIVITYLOGID”: invalid identifie

I ll continue Investigation…

OK at least RN doc types issue resolved?..yes continue with your research:

TN migration happens in database level. Also, TN db scripts migrates only the TN related components. Document Types, PR’s related to RN will get moved but will they be adhering to 8.2? I will take an approach like this…

  1. Migrate TN 6.0 to 7.1.3 using DB Configurator. This moves all doc types (EDI, RN etc.,)
  2. Migrate TN 7.1.3 to 8.2 using DB Configurator. This again moves the same doc types
  3. In the SoftwareAG installation directory, would install RN 7.1 or whichever is the latest. This will create WmRosettaNet package in IS.
  4. When the server is started now, this package will make sure all the doc types, processing rules, attributes that are related to RN gets created in TN database.

If I try to start the server without having RN 7.1 (or latest) installed, errors like above are expected as corresponding latest jar files might not exist in the server.

My 2 cents…


Yes Senthil is right on this…

Hi guys,
I did all those steps with some errors on step 1(resolved), but now
-the IS still taking a lot of time to start 30/40 mintes(Trying to load documentsTypes, process rules …)
-on MWS I had errors caused by a time out on each request, some times finished with core dumps
I tried to switch on TN 8.2 recently installed (with no data) I have no problem
Now still having the errors above, I did check the classepath the jars are there

Did you contact SAG support on this yet…upgrade/migration is a hot priority for them now:


did you increase the java min memory and max memory? to load all your IS packages, TN assets, the memory value should be increased. this is for IS… but what are the errors you encountered in MWS? have you done the migration for MWS as well? give us more details, so we can analyze further…


no… but a month later we did migrate with import and export data from 6.1 → 8.0 → 8.2
but have a problems with partners certificates the import export does not manage des security data
do have an idea ?

You shouldn’t do export data from 6.x and import it in 8.x. This will not work. You have to execute db scripts to upgrade to 8.x. Export and Import - you should do across same version not in different version.


You have to execute db scripts to upgrade to 8.x for the migrating any TN components smoothly and userguide explained the steps and it wont’t work as expected with just not easy export/import from different versions:


the export import works well, but not the certificates, the security fieldes are empty exept the IDs …
I tried to request them with a flow services but cant convert the security data from or output to inputs

Export and Import between different version of webMethods TN is not supported by SoftwareAG in case if you face any problem…


Hi all,
I migrated from 6.1 to 7.1.2 and after 8.0 everything ok but
the extended fields and groups labels for profiles display as base64 string on mywebmethods portal
any idea why this happened ?

issue resolved by installing fixes,
21) MWS_8.0_SP2_Fix15
22) Broker_8.0.2_Portal_Fix3
23) TN_8.0_SP1_MWS_Fix9
24) IS_8.0_SP1_Portal_Fix3
25) Trading Networks
26) TNS_8.0_SP1_Fix14


Thanks Jimmy for the updating back in the forum: