Timezones in MWS

MWS picks up the user’s timezone each time he/she logs in, through Javascript. The problem is it’s slow, and often doesn’t show until the user has clicked around for a bit. This isn’t a great look for a production system to have. See attachment.

We can assign a user’s timezone by editing his/her profile, but this is incredibly laborious for one person to do, and looks unprofessional if we ask every user to set his/her timezone.

What we’d like to do is either have the thing pick up the timezone straight away, so it’s a genuinely invisible process, or allow us to configure roles to have a default timezone. Why not run some Javascript straight away that gets it, and sets all dates to that timezone?

Or is there another way to do it? Requirements: very little/no config; no FOUC (flash of untimezoned content).

Oh, and it’s an international server, so we can’t do some hack like change the server’s timezone!