TimeTimeZone in SAPMonitoring

Hello there!!
I`ve configured the SAP Monitoring with my SAP BC 4.6. But in the SAP Monitoring there is a time, that is two hours behind the real time. Real time is e.g. 10:00, but the BC messages have the timestamp 8:00.
On the server, where the BC is running is 10:00, too.
But in the server itself, in the logging e.g. is the format: “10:00:00 GMT+02:00” in every log line (audit log).
How can i change the time zone of the BC???

It works something like this: The BC keeps time in GMT/UTC and formats the time (for logs & stuff) using the time zone specified in the date/time format on the Setings/Logging page.

In what time zone are you located?

I am located in the GMT +1:00.
But the BC tells me a time of GMT +2:00…???
When changing the system time on the server where the BC is running, the time in the SAP is ok.
But where can i change the timezone of the BC, so that it automatically adds two hours???


From my limited understanding of time zones, BC will take the time zone set by the server it is running on when it starts up from the server.sh/server.bat scripts. At least this is what we have observed here at this site.

To change the time zone that BC runs in, we are setting a system property “user.timezone” in the server.bat executable. We added “-Duser.timezone=GMT” to the JAVA_RUN parameter in the server.bat to set the timezone for BC.e.g.

set JAVA_RUN=%JAVA_EXE% -Xrs -Duser.timezone=GMT %JAVA_MEMSET%

To find out the required time zone setting for your area, you could use reference at the following URL:


I hope this helps you.



Hi ajandja,

i have changed the time zone in the server.bat. The BC uses this time zone for his logs, too.
But in the SAP monitor appears the NT-server-system-time again!
On this NT-Server is a time zone of GMT+1:00, e.g.
NT-Server-Time: 10:55
BC-Time in Audit-Log: 2003-06-02 10:55:59 GMT+02:00
Time in SAP-Monitoring: 02.06.2003 , 08:55:10
Is there another chance???


This is indeed strange! I was sure that the change in the server.bat file will fix it. I have looked at our installation and have not seen this issue since we use GMT on BC and the server is in GMT+5.

We do not see any discrepencies in our timing although I have had difficulty linking a log entry in SAP Monitoring with something in Audit or server log, at least to the exact second. They are pretty close though in most cases.

Perhaps someone else can help you…