Timestamp Format For Process Data Push

What is the correct format for timeStamp when I push process data to a webservice DCA?


Hi David,
The timestamp must be in the format of java.Util.Date. It will be good if you can use some service to return this value and then map it to processEvent/eventInstance/timeStamp.

I hope this helps.



Thank you, Ramnish, for your answer.

Does webMethods have a built in service that returns this?

We (the company I work for) generally avoids custom services. We much prefer using built in services supported by webMethods.

It would be surprising to me if webMethods sells a product (Optimize) that requires an input that is not supported by a built in service.

But I’ve been surprised before…


Hi David,
Yes there is a built in service for this called “getCurrentDate” and “getCurrentDateTime”. Use these and ur work will be done.


I found the answer:
Following is the format:


The credit for this answer is webMethods’ own Sami Morcos.