Timestamper component

Hi guys. I’m using mediator 7.3.1 and to get the current time stamp, I use the timestamper component, which gives me the ts:SAGTimeStamp payload and it has a time attribute which I believe gives the current time.

One problem is that this time attribute doesn’t give a standard format. On my machine it gives “Mon Aug 30 09:20:59 GMT+08:00 2004”, but on some another machine it gives “Mon Aug 30 09:20:59 SGT 2004”. As I’m using this timestamp to generate the w3c xs:dateTime format like “2004-08-30T09:20:59+08:00”, thus this multitude of formats in the timestamper component caused some problems.

Currently, I had created an XSL to transform “Mon Aug 30 09:20:59 GMT+08:00 2004” to “2004-08-30T09:20:59+08:00”. So I was wondering whether mediator has any settings to fixed the format( to, say, the 1st format ) returned by the timestamper component?


Hi KooKie,

Unfortunately, the timestamp component does not currently offer a choice of time formats. This support, specifically to include xs:dateTime, is planned for a future release.

Regarding the differences is timestamp formats of various machines, this is under control of the Java runtime. It appears to be related to the particular JVM version and configuration, in combination with the host operating system version.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,