XSLT engine Mediator and java functions

I wish to get current date&time in my resulting document while processing XSLT thru Mediator SagTransformer component.

It seems Mediator uses its own XSL engine (?) that does not allow use of java functions like <xsl:value-of select=“java:util.Date.new()”/>

In another context, when using passthru servlet to make XSLT on Tamino outputs, configured with Xalan, it works fine.

Any idea on how to overcome this issue with Mediator. Maybe configure Mediator to use Xalan as XSLT processor ?


As far as I am aware, Mediator does indeed use Xalan as its default XSLT processor. But it’s possible that it’s using a version that doesn’t support this feature? I suggest you raise the question on the Mediator forum at http://developer.softwareag.com/entirex where you are more likely to find experts on this area.

Michael Kay