Timeout problems with scheduler

Hi all,

I work on IS 9.8
I encounter a problem when i tried to run a service automatically with the scheduler.

This service call at some point a connector of a WS.
When i run this service from Software AG Designer (run or debug) i don’t get any error and the service run smoothly.

But when i schedule this service with the scheduler, the scheduler doesn’t wait for the connector to finish its request and continue to progress throught the service.

This cause 2 problems:

  • I get an null response, fault and transportInfo/status = 200, shouldn’t i get a status at 408 (timeout)?
  • Later the connector respond but the response can’t be handle because the scheduler already passed the connector and doesn’t wait for a response.

Isn’t the configuration of the scheduler the same as the designer?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Alexandre,

sounds strange.

Is there anything in the logs related to this?

Might be worth to open a Support Incident in Empower to get this clarified.

A workaround night be to publish a document in the scheduled service to trigger a second service which calls the WebService.


Hi Holger,

I do have some logs related to this but it isn’t helpfull at all…

The service do the following :

  • checkInputParameters
  • Some stuff to handle incorrect parameters
  • consumerService
  • debugLog to get transportInfo/status
  • Some other stuff related to the response of the consumerService

In the log i have something like that :

  • Logs related to inputsParameters and the logs to handle incorrect parameters
  • The debugLog with the code 200
  • Log of other stuff related to the response of the consumerService
  • Log of the response coming from the consumer Service

The logs aren’t helping at all. Maybe i’m missing something.

Thanks for the help, i will contact the support.